Product Specifications

Color: Bright, reflective white 
Weight per US Gallon: 10.5 lbs. (4.763 kg)
Reflectivity: (ASTM C1549) 90
Emissivity: (ASTM C1371) 88
Solids: (ASTM D2697) 62.5 by volume 
Tensile Strength: (ASTM D2370) 1900 psi @ 23ºC
Elongation: (ASTM D2370) 800% @ 25ºC
Flexibility: (ASTM D522) 1/2” mandrel bend @ -36ºC
Permeance: 20 mils (ASTM D1653) 0.01
Water Swelling: (ASTM D471) 0%
Adhesion to TPO:  (ASTM D4798) 13.9 pli 
Fungi Resistance:  (ASTM G21) Zero Growth 
Coverage : TPO or EPDM (20 mils) 42 sq ft/gal
Service Temperature: -70ºF (-57ºC) to 170ºF (77ºC)
Drying Time Before Re-coat: 24 hours
Clean-up Solvent: Mineral Spirits

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